Scotland at Euro 2024: Ronaldo plan for Brazil in World Cup 1998

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With the pre-match tactical work complete, Scotland headed for Saint-Denis decked out in kilts. That’s not where the abnormal activity ended.

The opening ceremony meant Brown’s men warmed up in a small room within the stadium, with Tom Boyd and Colin Calderwood getting physical to get hyped up, before the cool and composed Brazilians – looking immaculate and smelling fantastic, according to one former Scotland player – took to the pitch holding hands as Sean Connery, and 80,000 others, watched on.

Darren Jackson: “There are things that stick out during the game, but walking out onto the pitch pre-match was one of the best reactions I’ve ever known.

“Tom [Boyd] and Colin [Calderwood] used to punch themselves to get themselves going, really hitting themselves. It was incredible to watch.

“Colin was in another world. I always liked being last on to the pitch, I don’t know why, so I saw Colin shouting and bawling, but he turned right instead of left to go out on to the pitch.”

Jim Leighton: “We couldn’t get out for any kind of warm-up. There was a small room 22 of us had to go in. I think I just had my pants on if I remember that.

“You don’t think about how many people are in the stadium. You don’t think about how many people are watching on TV. You just go into game mode.”

John Collins: “You see the yellow strips, the guys you see on the television; Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo. World-famous names. We knew if we switched off they would cut us open.”

Paul Lambert: “We were in the tunnel and you could smell this brilliant fragrance coming over. They didn’t have a hair out of place, looked great, smelled great. And we’ve got big Jim Leighton with nae teeth.”

Craig Brown: “[Holding hands] was a routine the Brazilians had developed. That became their trademark. ‘They’ve got to hold hands to play us’, I remember telling the players.

“I tried to use that to relax the boys a bit, but they scored in four minutes.”

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