NHS cyber attack: Delays as only critical tests selected – GP

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On Monday, Synnovis said in an email to GP and primary care services that it could only process 400 blood samples a day from the impacted trusts.

“For the time being we can only accept samples which the requesting clinician considers to be ‘clinically critical’,” it said.

“As experts, your clinical view of what is considered ‘critical’ will be accepted by the laboratory, but we urge you to apply this definition carefully, given the severe capacity limitations we are facing.”

Synnovis’ email added it was unable to track tests that have not been processed and could not respond to individual queries about the status of samples.

“If you have a patient you consider to be critical, but you haven’t received a test result for them, please repeat their blood test and send it to us marked ‘critical’ so that we can process it,” it said in the email.

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