Keir Starmer will be next prime minister, says Plaid leader

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In the interview Mr ap Iorwerth said he would like Wales to be able to set “visa numbers to get more people into work” in health and social care.

He said people’s anxieties on migration were being exploited, and said they should not be blamed for cuts to public services.

“Keir Starmer is going to be prime minister in four weeks time,” Mr ap Iorwerth said.

“I think the evidence points in that direction.

“He will become prime minister regardless of how Wales votes. That’s a key factor for people to consider in Wales.

“Yes, there will change, but what kind of change would you like it to be?

“Would you like a huge Labour majority, that allows them to act with impunity and allows them to continue what they are doing now which is ignore Wales completely?

“Or would you actually like to ensure that there’s plurality of thought and ideas and energy in the Houses of Parliament”.

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