General Election voters want ‘detail’ on NHS waiting list reform

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The Conservatives say they will recruit 92,000 extra nurses and 28,000 extra doctors, invest in healthcare technology as well as build 40 more hospitals by 2030.

Labour says it wants to add 40,000 more GP appointments every week, funded by cracking down on tax-avoidance, as well as encouraging hospitals to collaborate with each other.

Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats pledge to give everyone the right to see a GP within seven days, or within 24 hours if they urgently need to, with 8,000 more GPs to deliver on it.

Reform says it will offer tax incentives for healthcare employees to improve staffing levels, as well as buy in additional appointment capacity from charities and the private sector.

The Green Party wants to increase funding of the NHS to £50bn by 2030 and says it will increase the salaries of front line workers.

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