Ryanair: Couple flown to Lithuania after being put on wrong plane

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The couple had been ushered to the boarding gates at the airport and reassured the rest of their party was on board.

“We were told they were definitely on the flight and they said ‘just relax’, so we had a sleep as we’d been up early,” Mr Gore said.

“When I woke up, it didn’t look like Spain out the window, I turned my phone on and it said ‘Welcome to Lithuania’.”

The couple have described it as a “nightmare” which started when they arrived at Bristol Airport on Saturday 25 May in good time for their 08:15 BST flight to Barcelona.

They always use special assistance at airports because Andrew is an amputee and Victoria has autism.

“Our flight number came up at the gate, and we were taken to the bottom of the plane steps, where the ground staff checked our boarding passes,” Mr Gore said.

“When we got on the plane, the stewardess checked our passes again.”

There was no indication that anything could be wrong until they touched down in the eastern European Baltic country.

At first they thought it was a wind-up.

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