Patient hails ‘life-changing’ implant for severe acid reflux

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Fergus Noble, oesophagogastric surgeon at the hospital, said the first uses of the implant were showing “good results”.

“We’re aware of the challenges of the other alternative treatments, whether they be antacid medication or other surgery and the excitement around this is that the early data shows that they get less side-effects compared to the other treatments”

The non-active implant is expected to last a lifetime and patients who receive the surgery should see an almost immediate improvement to their symptoms.

Ms Harding said the operation had changed her life.

“I’ve got no acid reflux, no symptoms of heartburn, not even mild symptoms – I can eat – it’s been amazing,” she said.

Following early implants of the device at Southampton and Imperial College London, it is hoped the implant could be rolled out to other NHS trusts.

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