Mario & Luigi: Brothership is a brand-new Mario RPG for Switch

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To start off Nintendo’s Summer Game Fest-adjacent Direct, the company debuted a new Mario & Luigi game: Mario & Luigi: Brothership. It’s been nine years since the last Mario & Luigi game, Bowser’s Inside Story, which debuted in 2009 on the Nintendo DS before being rereleased with extra content and a whole new side story on the 3DS in 2018.

In Brothership, the Mario Bros commandeer their own sailing ship to explore an all-new world dotted with islands in their quest to return to the Mushroom Kingdom. The two must work together using their powers of brotherly love to overcome obstacles and beat bosses.

You won’t have to wait long to play the newest Mario game as Mario & Luigi: Brothership launches on the Nintendo Switch on November 7th.

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