Man caught smuggling 100 snakes in his trousers into China

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A man tried to smuggle more than 100 live snakes into mainland China by stuffing them in his trousers, according to custom officials.

The unnamed traveller was stopped after passing through the “nothing to declare” gate at the crossing between semi-autonomous Hong Kong and the city of Shenzhen, officials said.

Upon inspection, he had 104 snakes in “six canvas drawstring bags” inside his trousers, a statement from China Customs said.

“Each bag was found to contain living snakes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours,” it added.

Video released by Chinese customs shows a pair of agents peering into transparent plastic bags filled with live red, pink and white snakes.

They were mostly small, but it is a large and squirmy haul of slithering reptiles for anyone to carry in their trousers.

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