Diljit Dosanjh: Punjabi star makes The Tonight Show debut

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During his performance of G.O.A.T., Diljit made a slight change to his normal lyrics with a reference to “Hollywood” instead of “Bollywood”, as he pointed at Fallon.

Following his set, host Fallon came on stage and declared “that is how you do it!”.

The hype for Diljit’s appearance had been building since the announcement a week earlier.

And anticipation peaked when The Tonight Show shared light-hearted backstage videos in which the singer is seen teaching Fallon some Punjabi phrases, external.

The host tries his best to say the singer’s “Punjabi Aa Gaye Oye” catchphrase, though his attempt causes laughter, with actress Priyanka Chopra commenting, “it’s the Oye for me”.

But Fallon fared better when he delivered the Punjabi greeting “Sat Sri Akal” smoothly.

Another video showed Fallon surprising Diljit with white gloves customised with the show’s logo. Diljit is known for his fashion, typically wearing black gloves during performances.

More widely, there was praise for him “embracing an Indian attire”, as he appeared in traditional clothes and a matching turban.

British Indian singer Jassi Sidhu said he was “smiling from ear to ear” and that Diljit has “made Punjabi music mainstream”.

Another fan commented to say he was “opening doors for thousands of passionate people around the globe who come from humble backgrounds”.

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