AC/DC send fans into frenzy over 2024 world tour with thrilling new teaser | Music | Entertainment

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AC/DC haven’t toured since 2016 when Angus Young was the last original member of the band left standing at its conclusion.

Since then the surviving members, including Brian Johnson, have come back together for their 2020 album Power Up and last year gave their first live show in years as a one-off.

Rumours abounded that a world tour was being planned and then the leaks started to be reported around the world.

Apparently, AC/DC are set to perform in Germany and Brazil later this year, sparking hopes of an official announcement, one which it looks like we’re going to get in the next 24 hours or so.

This morning, AC/DC posted a cryptic video on their social media channels of their signature lightning bolt powering on.

Suddenly the lyrics of Are You Ready are heard as those very words appeared across the screen.

Fans took to the comments in a frenzy convinced that a world tour is about to be announced.

One fan on Instagram commented, “LET THERE BE TOUR!!!, and another wrote, “Praying there’s gonna be a tour.”

Another posted the iconic gif from The Office of Michael Scott saying: “Oh my god, okay, it’s happening!”

No doubt the band will be revealing more details in the next day or so, but we’d be very surprised if it wasn’t a 2024 world tour.

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