World Snooker Championship: Mark Williams ‘really considered packing in’ the sport

Mark Williams
Mark Williams won six straight frames to defeat Alan McManus on Saturday

Three-time world champion Mark Williams says he “really considered packing in” the sport until the UK’s coronavirus lockdown gave him a fresh perspective.

Williams, 45, reached the second round of the World Championship in Sheffield with a 10-5 win over Alan McManus.

“I’ve made a decision now that I am never packing in,” he said.

“If I win another tournament brilliant, if not it doesn’t matter I’ll keep trying for the next one.”

The Welshman showed glimpses of his best form in his win over Scotland’s McManus, winning six frames in succession as he came back from a 5-4 deficit overnight.

And he says that his renewed appetite for the game has “possibly” given him a realistic chance of a fourth world title.

“I have made that decision (not to retire) and it is like a weight off my shoulders,” he added.

“I am really excited to see where I can be with my game in the next five years and whether I’ll be on the tour when I am 50.

“Everyone is going through a tough time. You could not leave the house at one point other than to get essential shopping. I had time to think then and thought ‘I am playing snooker for a living’.

“It is not really a job. It’s a hobby that has turned into a job and you can earn unbelievable money. My father was down the pit doing 12-hour shifts.

“I am playing snooker and I thought ‘just get off your backside and keep playing’.”

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