With 2050 goal in mind, techUK pushes clean tech to UK government

Digital technologies can help the UK achieve its target of net-zero emissions by 2050 and become a leader in green technology

“While techno-fixes to the carbon crisis are no silver bullet we know that digital technology can play a vital supporting role in the complex systems transformations that achieving net zero requires,” according to Julien David, CEO of techUK.

David’s comments are part of a new report – How to make the UK a digital clean tech leader – offered by techUK and Deloitte at the start of London Tech Week.

In the introduction to the report, David notes that the need to address the world’s carbon emissions and energy consumption has become urgent.

Analysis carried out by Deloitte suggests that digital technology already in the field could be used to reduce 7.3 million tonnes of UK carbon emission by 2030 – 15% of what’s needed. At the same, technology can unlock added benefits of £13.7bn by enabling other sectors to be flexible, automated, and efficient.

On its own, the impact of technology on climate change depends on how it’s developed and deployed.

“In particular, it has the potential to be an essential tool in addressing the climate crisis, which will be the defining influence of our society’s wellbeing in the coming decade. That’s why [techUK] are committed to encouraging the deployment of digital technology for good,” the report reads.

“Clean technology is already making a positive contribution to economic growth and to reducing emissions – and this contribution is projected to grow,” said Nick Owen, UK Chair at Deloitte. “There is still much more to do, however, and we are committed to working with our clients to deploy clean technology as an essential tool in addressing the climate crisis head on.”

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