Why you should wait to buy the new Echo speakers — and everything else Amazon announced today


Amazon Ring Echo Fire TV 2020

Don’t buy these yet, because they’ll be on sale soon.

Juan Garzon / CNET

Earlier today, at an event busting with stuff, Amazon took the wraps off a new line of Echo speakers, a new Echo Show smart display, new Fire TV products, new Eero mesh networking gear and plenty more. It’s some intriguing hardware, but while you might be tempted to preorder that Ring flying indoor robot camera (!) or Echo Show 10 right now, I have a suggestion.


Anything you order today will be at full price. But there’s a little event happening in a couple weeks — maybe you’ve heard of it? Yep, Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner. The company may not discount every new product, but I suspect it’ll discount a lot of them.

Meanwhile, don’t ignore history. Amazon devices go on sale all the time. I don’t mean every few months; more like every few weeks, at least in some cases. Let’s take a look at the previous-generation Echo Show 10, as tracked by CamelCamelCamel:

The previous Echo Show 10 was routinely discounted. The new model will be, too.

Rick Broida/CNET

See how often the price dropped by a hefty $50? And you can find similar data for nearly every Amazon device: Fire TV streamers, Kindle e-readers and so on. The previous Echo Dot model, for example, lists for $49.99, but routinely drops to $29.99.

So do yourself a favor and wait. Just a couple weeks! If you don’t see the deal you want on Prime Day, wait a little longer: Black Friday and the holidays are drawing near as well, and those occasions always bring more Amazon discounts.

What do you think? Any new hardware you just have to have now?


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