Waste firm sues for £200m over deposit return scheme

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On Tuesday, during a short virtual hearing, advocate Roddy Dunlop KC told Lord Clark that he was representing Biffa.

Advocate Gerry Moynihan KC told the court that he was acting for the Scottish ministers.

It was agreed that a debate should take place later this year into legal issues affecting the case.

Biffa said: “Biffa was selected by Circularity Scotland Limited as the logistics partner for the delivery of the Scottish deposit return scheme and invested significant sums to support its timely and successful implementation.

“This was done in good faith and on the expectation and understanding that the delivery of the scheme had been mandated by the Scottish government.

“Having carefully reviewed our position with our advisers, we can confirm that we are taking legal action to seek appropriate compensation for the losses Biffa has incurred.”

A Scottish government spokesperson said: “The Scottish government cannot comment on ongoing litigation.’

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