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Use this 10p hack to leave your oven looking squeaky clean with just two items

Sometimes cleaning the oven can seem like a daunting task, but one TikTok user’s affordable hack could help make a deep clean much easier.

Nicole Murphy, a 34-year-old Irish woman, has become a viral sensation by sharing her ingenious hack for giving even the dirtiest ovens a thorough cleaning, using just two items.

Nicole’s clever idea involves using dishwasher tablets to achieve thorough results for as cheap as 10p.

She not only places a tablet inside the oven but also cuts a hole in a sponge, allowing the tablet to dissolve as she scrubs away grime.

Sharing a video of her method on TikTok under the username @nicolepaigelilly, Nicole garnered over 10,000 views from impressed followers who were captivated by the effectiveness of her approach.

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“This is very effective and low cost compared to specific oven cleaning kits or professional oven cleaning,” Nicole began. “It removes all thick build-up of dirt.”

She continued: “It is essential to remove the oven door glass and wipe it clean after with a towel/paper towel and water to remove any chemical substance.

“It takes around 30 to 45 minutes the first time, and less than 30 minutes each additional time after.”

In the video, Nicole demonstrated her oven-cleaning technique by first placing a dishwasher tablet in the centre of the oven.

She cautioned her followers about being careful when removing the glass door, emphasising that the glass is what adds weight to the oven door.

Following this, Nicole cuts a hole in a sponge, inserts a dishwasher tablet into it, and uses the sponge to scrub the oven until it regains its cleanliness.

This innovative method gained attention after another woman shared her annual oven-cleaning hack on TikTok. Going by the username @healthylittlepeach, TikTok user Mac revealed a homemade oven cleaning solution, earning substantial praise from online audiences.

In a post shared with her 354,000 followers, Mac said: “I’m not going to lie to you all. I’m definitely the type of girl who cleans her oven once a year but when I clean it I’ve got to clean it.”

She then shared the ingredients for her solution contained just half a cup of washing-up liquid, one and a half cups of baking soda and three-quarters of a cup of white vinegar.

When mixed together, the ingredients form a white paste which can get rid of the most stubborn grease and grime.

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