Ukraine war: Vladimir Putin says deal may be needed to end conflict as he admits mistakes were made over mobilisation | World News

Vladimir Putin has said Russia may have to strike a deal with Ukraine to end its war.

Speaking at a news conference in Kyrgyzstan, the Russian president also admitted there had been problems in mobilising hundreds of thousands of conscripts to fight in the conflict.

Russia has suffered a series of military setbacks since launching its invasion of Ukraine in February this year.

Pic: AP
Vladimir Putin was speaking at a news conference in Kyrgyzstan. He is pictured with Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov. Image: AP

In recent months, Ukraine has regained control of significant areas of occupied territory in the east, while Russia most recently ceded ground in the southern city of Kherson.

Now Mr Putin has suggested that Russia will likely have to reach an agreement regarding Ukraine in the future.

It is one of the first times he has spoken publicly about a potential peace deal.

It also comes after Kremlin spokesman Dmitry…

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