Ukraine war: Russia accused of targeting hospitals in ‘terror bombing’ campaign | World News

Almost four attacks a day have been carried out against medics and healthcare facilities in Ukraine on average since the war began, according to Sky News analysis.

Experts suggest the attacks are part of a Russian campaign of “terror bombing” against Ukrainian hospitals which almost certainly violate international law. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recorded 186 of these attacks since the invasion began.

The attacks have included the bombing of at least four maternity hospitals, four children’s hospitals, and have killed at least 73 healthcare workers and patients, according to data from research group Insecurity Insight and the WHO.

Some tell-tale signs, including the types of munitions used and the timing of the attacks, suggest the bombings are consistent with a deliberate Russian tactic aimed at terrorising the Ukrainian population into submission.

The areas which have seen the heaviest fighting in Ukraine have also experienced the most attacks against…

Sky News

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