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You don’t have to travel far in the UK to come across an idyllic village destination.

Travellers looking for a local getaway have plenty of options to choose from, with trips less than £100 all around the UK.

Travel blog recently listed several of “the most beautiful villages in the UK.” Its first choice is just south of Broadway, in Snowshill, Gloucestershire, England.

The town dates back to the Bronze Age, starting out with a population of only 20 households, according to Snowshill has grown a little, but not much, since then, now recording 164 permanent residents as of the latest census.

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The manor has an expansive garden as well, known as Snowshill Gardens. The oasis has topiaries, wildflowers, and stone walkways.

Begin planning your Snowshill trip now, because the other must-see is the lavender fields.

The best time to visit is between June and August, and the over 70-acre farm has 35 different varieties of lavender. 

Guests can even visit the distillery where lavender oil is extracted for beauty products.

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