UK scientists make ‘cosmic concrete’ with astronaut blood and space dust | Science & Tech News

Scientists in Britain have created a new material suitable for constructing buildings in space using space dust and bodily fluids from astronauts.

The concrete-like material is “perfectly suited for construction work in extra-terrestrial environments” such as on the moon or Mars, according to academics from the University of Manchester because it doesn’t involve transporting building blocks from Earth.

The cost of bringing a single brick to Mars has been estimated at about $2m (£1.4m), meaning future Martian colonists cannot take their building materials with them, but will have to utilise resources they can get on site for construction and shelter.

Instead, the bricks of these space colonies could be manufactured from “extra-terrestrial dust” mixed with “the blood, sweat and tears of astronauts”, says the study.

“Scientists have been trying to develop viable technologies to produce concrete-like materials on the surface of Mars, but we never stopped to think that the…

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