Turkey-Syria earthquake: Osmaniye cries out for help as rescuers search for victims under mass of rubble | World News

In the Turkish city of Osmaniye, the sound of silence is something no one wants to hear.

This community of 250,000 was badly damaged by the earthquake with dozens of apartment blocks and offices reduced to disorderly heaps.

Hundreds of people have been consumed by the rubble and their friends and family members are desperate to get them back.

They know it will require a great deal of activity.

In a small corner, not far from the centre, we heard the roar of heavy machinery, great diggers with scoops, removing the debris.

Then, a member of a search and rescue team silenced them all when he called for quiet on the site.

“All quiet,” he shouted. Some one hundred people did as they were told.

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Another rescuer called into the cracks between the broken concrete slabs. “Can you hear me? Tap the wall if you can hear me.”

earthquake in Turkey still from Osmaniye
A doll lies in the…

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