Tokyo Olympics: COVID-19 cases in city rise by 149% in a week – but officials resist new calls to suspend Games | World News

COVID-19 cases in Tokyo are now rising faster than at any time in the pandemic but Japanese authorities are resisting renewed calls for the Olympics to be suspended.

The Japanese capital reported 2,848 cases on Tuesday, which is a record number and 149% higher than the previous week’s average.

Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has encouraged people to work from home in Tokyo and avoid non-essential outings but insisted there was no need to consider suspending the Olympic Games.

The Japanese capital reported 2,848 cases on Tuesday

It isn’t yet clear how much direct impact the Olympics have had on the figures but public health expert in Tokyo, Professor Kenji Shibuya, told Sky News that the case load was rising fast.

“It is driven by the Delta variant” he told Sky News. “To me, in terms of pace, it is faster than we expected.”

“I cannot simply attribute…

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