This Kindle e-reader deal is so good it almost seems like a mistake

The Kindle Kids Edition is $50 off.

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Amazon recently released a new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader with a bigger screen that I liked a lot. Interestingly, Amazon hasn’t put the new standalone Paperwhite 2021 on sale, but the new Paperwhite Kids is on sale for $115 or $45 off. That’s a good deal but what’s arguably an even better deal, particularly if you have kids or want to gift an e-reader to a kid, is the Kindle Kids Edition for $60 ($50 off). 

Both of these Kids Edition e-readers are at their low prices to date and include a case and one year of Amazon Kids Plus, the subscription service formally known as FreeTime Unlimited. Also, if you or your kid drops the Kindle or damages it any way, Amazon will replace it if the damage occurs within two years of you purchasing the Kindle. So you’re basically getting two years of product insurance for free. I wish they did that for iPhones.

The entry-level Kindle (the non-Kids version is on sale for $50) doesn’t have quite the resolution of the step-up Paperwhite so text doesn’t appear quite as sharp on the screen as it does with the Paperwhite or high-end Kindle Oasis. But it does have an integrated light and is a perfectly good e-reader.

A few different case options are available for both the Kindle Kids Edition and Paperwhite Kids, all of them pretty nice and a few that may appeal to adults. There’s even a simple black option for the Paperwhite Kids that would seemingly appeal to anyone. In other words, even if you’ve been waiting for the stand-alone Paperwhite to go on sale for around $100, this might actually be the better deal if you’re going to buy a case for it anyway. 

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