The Roku Streambar for $80 is one amazing Black Friday soundbar deal


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If you’re on the lookout for a soundbar that’s also a streamer and want to spend less than $100, there is currently only one option — the Roku Streambar. Thankfully, this soundbar is also a great one — and with new Black Friday pricing, it’s now cheaper than ever. The Streambar debuted in October 2020 and has spent the intervening time yo-yoing between $130 and $99. But for Black Friday 2021, the price has dipped to an all-time low of $80.

As a speaker it’s an instant upgrade on your TV with excellent dialogue, and you can add extra speakers like a subwoofer later if you want to. The Streambar is also an outstanding streaming device with nearly every channel available for your HDMI-equipped TV — from Netflix to Disney Plus to Peacock to HBO Max to Apple TV Plus, and everything in between — at full 4K resolution with HDR support. If your TV isn’t 4K, it doesn’t matter — in fact, this will be an even better deal, as your older TV almost certainly doesn’t have as many updated streaming apps as this Roku. 

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