Tesco introducing limits on some key items | Business News

Tesco has said it is introducing limits on some key products to ensure there is enough to go around, following a similar move by Morrisons.

The limits include products such as flour, pasta, toilet roll and antibacterial wipes.

Earlier this week, Tesco’s boss urged consumers to avoid a “return to unnecessary panic buying”, in an interview with Sky News.

All the major supermarkets introduced temporary restrictions in March after shelves were stripped bare of essentials in the weeks leading up to the COVID-19 lockdown.

They were slowly lifted as stocks recovered.

“We have good availability, with plenty of stock to go round, and we would encourage our customers to shop as normal,”
a Tesco spokeswoman said on Friday.

“To ensure that everyone can keep buying what they need, we have introduced bulk-buy limits on a small number of products.”

Morrisons also brought back limits on some items this week.

Britain’s fourth-biggest grocer said it was limiting consumers buying products such as toilet roll, disinfectants and bleach to a maximum of three items.

Sky News