Tenerife coronavirus hotel: ‘It’s only day two and we’re struggling’

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Hannah Green

Even before she was quarantined in a hotel bedroom because of coronavirus, Hannah Green’s holiday to Tenerife had been pretty rubbish.

Hannah, her partner Court and one-year-old son were caught in the huge sandstorm that caused havoc in the Canary Islands earlier this week.

“We had one good day, we were out by the pool and everything,” the 27-year-old tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

“The next day, we had the letter through the door.”

The family, who are from Hertfordshire, had taken a last minute trip to get some winter sun. They booked their stay at the Costa Adeje Palace Hotel on Monday 17 February and flew out five days later.

Three days into their stay, on Tuesday morning, they were advised not to leave their hotel room.

“The letter said to stay in our rooms for health reasons, and in the back of our mind we thought maybe it was something else.”

But that’s all they were told.

“I Googled it and found a man had been found in our region with coronavirus. It was really scary.

“I burst into tears and called my mum straight away because like I was just in panic.”

A doctor visiting the hotel had been diagnosed with Covid-19, the flu-like illness that is caused by the coronavirus.

‘I’m staying away from everyone’

Hannah and her son haven’t left their room since – but her partner has been out and about inside the hotel.

“I’m in the mind-set of just staying away from everybody,” she says.

“I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but I just I’d rather keep myself to myself.”

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Hannah Green

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This is the room Hannah, her partner and son may have to spend the new two weeks in

Hannah says she’s had very little information from the hotel about what’s going on, and she hasn’t tried to contact British authorities yet.

The family has had their temperatures taken and believe they are all fine but it has been reported that their quarantine could last for a fortnight.

Two weeks is the amount of time it takes for Covid-19 symptoms to develop and is how long guests on a cruise ship in Japan were quarantined.

“We’ve got a lot of questions as well like – how do we wash our clothes and stuff like that,” Hannah says.

“But the hotel has said if we need anything for the my son then they’ll bring it in for us which is quite good. Obviously we’re going to run out of nappies and formula.”

“We were setting ourselves up to be here for a couple of weeks.”

‘I just want to get outside’

But just two days into the quarantine, Hannah says the boredom has already set in.

“We’re just watching TV really and obviously we’ve got a one-year-old. He keeps us occupied but it is pretty boring.

“I mean, it’s only day two and we’re struggling.”

She’s trying to keep him protected and doesn’t want to let him near other guests at the hotel.

“I’m just keeping him in the room and just bathing him, trying to wash his hands as much as I can,” she says.

“He’s crawling now, so he wants to crawl around on the floor and stuff, but I’m trying to keep him either in the travel cot or his buggy.”

It’s his birthday on 9 March, and there’s a family party planned at home, but now Hannah expects to still be in the hotel when that comes around.

She’s been speaking to her family loads, and says the first thing she wants to do when she gets home is to eat and get some fresh air.

“I just want to be outside to just roam around and eat loads of food that I want to eat,” she says.

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