Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker deemed unfit to stand trial

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The criminal case against Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker, David Crowe, was dropped by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in New York on Friday.

Crowe was deemed unfit to stand trial, according to a spokesperson for the DA’s office. “The criminal case is now dismissed by the function of law,” the statement obtained by Fox News Digital continued. “He will now be committed to the custody of the Office of Mental Health to receive necessary treatment.”

Crowe has been arrested multiple times for allegedly lurking outside Swift’s home in recent months. Prior to the criminal charges being dropped, he was charged with stalking in the fourth degree along with harassment in the first and second degree, Fox News Digital confirmed. Crowe has been “asked to leave [Swift’s home] over 10 times,” an assistant district attorney for Manhattan said in court Jan. 24.

David Crowe, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker, David Crowe, was deemed unfit to stand trial. (Getty Images)

According to a complaint obtained by Fox News Digital, Crowe was seen there “approximately 30 times” between Nov. 25, 2023, and Jan. 22 of this year.


Crowe’s attorney, Katherine LeGeros Bajuk of New York County Defender Services, issued a statement after the district attorney’s decision that her client not be criminally prosecuted.

WATCH: Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker David Crowe appears in a New York City court

“We are pleased that all parties now agree to the obvious truth that Mr. Crowe is too ill to proceed, and that he requires treatment, not jail,” Bajuk said in a statement obtained by Fox News Digital. “We look forward to ensuring Mr. Crowe is provided with the psychiatric treatment and supportive social services he needs to achieve a successful and stable re-entry into society.”

The amount of time Crowe will spend in a mental health facility has not been disclosed. Once he is deemed mentally fit by doctors, he will be released.

On Jan. 25, Assistant District Attorney Andrew Warshawer presented the judge photos with timestamps of Crowe dumpster diving outside Swift’s New York City apartment shortly after he was released from jail the day before.

David Crowe departs the Manhattan Criminal Court following his <a href=court appearance” width=”1200″ height=”675″/>

Crowe allegedly went to Swift’s home “approximately 30 times” in recent months. (John M. Mantel for Fox News Digital )

“The defendant has made it clear that he cannot follow the court’s orders, as the documents and photos available make clear,” Warshawer said.

“I just saw him digging through this dumpster, taking out some blankets, and then he just went and sat down on the loading dock a few doors down [from Swift’s apartment],” one of Swift’s neighbors told the New York Post.

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“My heart dropped,” the neighbor continued. “I just thought, ‘Oh, my God, I can’t believe this guy is back. I just want to never see this person again. I hope he gets the help he needs, but he needs to leave our little street alone.” 

Taylor Swift smiles during Kansas City Chiefs football game with Travis Kelce

Crowe was allegedly asked to leave Swift’s home “over 10 times,” the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office previously said. (David Eulitt)

The neighbor, who requested anonymity, mentioned seeing Crowe previously.


“He’s been around since Christmas time,” the neighbor told the outlet. “The first couple times we saw him, he was sleeping on our stoop or the neighbor’s stoop smoking constantly.”

The NYPD issued a statement to Fox News Digital following Crowe’s arrest on Jan. 24.

Taylor Swift's stalker in court

Crowe is now in the custody of the Office of Mental Health in New York City. (John M. Mantel for Fox News Digital)


“Officers responded to a 911 call for a disorderly male in the vicinity of Franklin Street and Hudson Street, which is in the First Precinct,” the NYPD told Fox News Digital. “On arrival, a male left the location and walked into the First Precinct, where he was subsequently taken into custody without further incident. He was charged with four counts of criminal contempt.”

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