Taiwan: How much disruption are military drills causing in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes? | World News

Ships travelling in one of the world’s busiest shipping regions have been forced to avoid areas totalling nearly 10,000 square miles, as China conducts military exercises around Taiwan.

Taiwanese authorities have asked vessels to avoid six zones where Chinese military drills are taking place, some of which are in or near the usually packed Taiwan Strait, until operations finish on Sunday.

The military exercises are one of numerous retaliatory actions by China in response to US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

But shipping analysts say that while some vessels have been re-routed, the impact on the global supply chain is expected to be minimal.

Shipping data from Marine Traffic shows vessels moving through the region as usual in the hours leading up to the drills.

But as soon as the exercises start, ships begin avoiding the area.

This region is of huge importance for the world’s shipping industry. Its key artery is the Taiwan Strait, which sits between…

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