Stalking: ‘I’m a victim but feel like an inconvenience’

“Although I’m the victim on all of this, you’re just an inconvenience.”

A dentist who was secretly stalked by a disgruntled former patient is shocked he was not told his stalker had been released from prison until a few weeks later.

Dr Ian Hutchinson was unaware he was being stalked by Thomas Baddeley for more than four years until he was told the 42-year-old from Bristol was found near his Monmouthshire home with what prosecutors described as a “murder kit”.

Baddeley could only be charged with a minor offence because his victim had been unaware he was being stalked and was sentenced for 16 months in August after admitting stalking without fear, harm or intimidation and two counts of possessing offensive weapons.

Earlier this month, Dr Hutchinson told his story to the BBC after being assured he would be informed when Baddeley was released.

But after his story went public, he had a call to say Baddeley had already left prison.

The Ministry of Justice said because Dr Hutchinson didn’t know he was being stalked, a scheme for informing victims when an offender is released did not apply, adding that protocols had been followed.

BBC News