Spanish actress Ana Obregon, 68, has baby by surrogate sparking outrage from government in Madrid | World News

The revelation that a 68-year-old actress in Spain has given birth via an American surrogate has sparked a political outcry in Madrid.

Soap star Ana Obregon grabbed the attention of the Spanish media and the country’s political parties when the celebrity magazine ¡Hola! published a front-page photograph of her holding her new baby in Miami.

Now, the ruling Socialist party has said it will look into toughening legislation covering surrogate pregnancies after it was revealed Ms Obregon used a surrogate mother in Florida to carry the child.

Surrogate pregnancies are banned in Spain, although children from such pregnancies born abroad can be registered.

The news immediately triggered criticism from the left-wing coalition government headed by the Socialists.

Equality Minister Irene Montero, of the leftist United We Can coalition partner, said surrogate pregnancies were “a form of violence against women” while Socialist Treasury Minister María Jesús Montero described the…

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