Snap is recalling and refunding every drone it ever sold

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Snap gave up on its Pixy flying selfie camera drone after just four months, but it turns out the company sold under 71,000 drones — and now the company is recalling every one of those drones because their batteries pose a fire hazard. Yes, the entire drone is being recalled, not just the removable battery, likely because Snap doesn’t make those batteries anymore.

Then, you can get a full refund for the entire drone and / or any batteries you own — sounds like we’re talking at least $185 back to you, unless you bought it on sale. You don’t need a receipt: you can apply for the refund even if you got it as a gift.

To get that money, though, you’ll need to return the entire drone, minus the batteries. You can fill out a form at this link with your drone’s serial number. Snap says it’ll email you a prepaid return label if you do. You’ll need to find a safe way to dispose of the batteries yourself; hardware stores and big box stores like Target often have a bin near one of the entrances to drop them, and there’s a website here to help.

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel once suggested the market for drones was bigger than that for video-capturing glasses, but that was before the Pixy came out. I believe this is the first time we’ve heard sales numbers for the Pixy; the CPSC reports that the company sold “about 71,000” units, though the number of drones is fewer since that includes batteries sold separately.

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Update, 12:06PM ET: Clarified that the 71,000 recalled objects include batteries sold separately.

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