Sheffield dad Chris Marriott died in violent wedding feud – court

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During the altercation, the court heard, Nafeesa Jhangur, Hassan Jhangur’s sister, fell to the ground where she remained motionless.

Mr Storey said it was then Mr Marriott, who had been out on a walk with his wife and two children, came across Nafeesa Jhangur and went to help her.

He was soon joined by Alison Norris, a midwife, who had also been out on a walk with her family and spotted the woman.

As they tended to her, a Seat Ibiza car driven by Hassan Jhangur came around the corner “at some speed”.

The jury heard the vehicle first hit Hasan Khan’s father Riasat, who had been standing nearby, and then ploughed into other bystanders, including Mr Marriott and Ms Norris.

The prosecution said Mr Marriott was “almost certainly” killed instantly and several others, including Mr Jhangur’s own sister and mother, suffered serious injuries.

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