Scott Miller: Former Olympic swimmer accused of running crime gang charged with trafficking £1.1m of meth | World News

A former Olympic swimmer has been charged with trafficking two million Australian dollars (£1.1m) worth of methamphetamine, along with being accused of running a crime gang.

Scott Miller, who won a silver medal in the 100m butterfly at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, was arrested on Tuesday at his home in Sydney after police found drugs concealed in eight candles last month.

A second man, 47, who has not been named, was also arrested at his home.

According to Police Detective Superintendent John Watson, it is believed Miller was the director of a crime syndicate.

He said after the arrest: “Others, it will be alleged, are working under his instruction.”

Silver medallist Scott Miller has been accused of directing a criminal syndicate
The former Olympian was arrested at his home in Sydney

The two men are alleged to have been distributing drugs from Sydney to the wider New South Wales state.

“This was not a small operation,” Mr Watson added. “They were well organised and well financed.”

As well winning as his silver medal in 1996, Miller, now 45, also won bronze with the Australian 4x100m relay team.

In 1995, Miller won a world championship gold medal in the 100m butterfly in Rio de Janeiro.

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