River Seine rescue: Expert warns trapped beluga whale ‘may die’ during mission to free it, but insists ‘we must still try’ | World News

An operation to move a Beluga whale trapped in the River Seine since Friday has begun, according to French media.

Ever since the whale strayed into a saltwater basin in the Normandy region, efforts have been under way to free it, amid fears over its rapidly declining health.

Now, conservation group Sea Shepherd France said a medical team plans to transport the four-meter-long (13-foot-long) whale to a coastal spot for “a period of care”.

A team of around 24 experts and many other volunteers have used a crane and nets to load the beleaguered and dangerously thin beluga into a refrigerated truck for the approximately 99-mile (160-kilometre) night time trip to the northeastern French port town of Ouistreham.

While experts think the whale might be sick, moving the mammal could also cause it harm.

Speaking to the Associated Press, conservation specialist at Marineland Antibes Isabelle Brasseur said “he could die now, during the lifting”, but she said it was still more…

Sky News

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