Poland-Belarus border: Shivering, hungry migrants hope the EU will ‘make a good decision’ | World News

After a week shivering in sodden woodland, the largest group of migrants stuck between the serried ranks of Belarusian and Polish border guards decided to move. We were en route to their camp but they had other plans.

“It’s too cold and we are in a place that’s quite open, we have no protection from the rain and snow. And all the children are coughing because of smoke,” a contact, Dino, told me by voice message as I tried to arrange our meeting.

His next message was telling: “Hopefully the EU will make a good decision for us.”

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Aerials show scale of Poland-Belarus border crisis

Clearly rumours were abounding. The EU was looking to resolve the situation. They would help. If the migrants positioned themselves directly on the road crossing to Poland, maybe the EU would pay attention.

“They are…

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