Playing Netflix’s Old Guard video game could win you 83-year subscription



If you’re really good at The Old Guard’s tie-in browser game, you won’t have to pay for Netflix for a long time.


If you don’t want to pay for Netflix for the rest of your life, the streaming service is giving you the chance to earn that honor this weekend. It’s celebrating the premiere of The Old Guard, hosting a tournament featuring an original video game based on the Charlize Theron movie from Friday to Sunday.

It’s playable in your browser, starting 8 a.m. PT Friday.

The movie is adapted from a Greg Rucka-penned graphic novel about a group of immortal mercenaries. Being first on the tie-in game’s leaderboard at the end of the weekend will net you an “Immortal” Netflix account.

“But how long is immortality, really?” the company said in a release. “Netflix can’t promise a truly eternal subscription to its service, but it can offer the closest alternative: 1000 months of service, which comes out to a bit over 83 years.”

It’s a pretty basic-looking, top-down hack-and-slash game that mirrors the movie’s events. You play as Theron’s character, Andromache of Scythia, and take down enemies with her ax. 

“Getting killed only slows you down, so to get the highest score, you have to defeat enemies without getting hit, and as quickly as possible,” Netflix noted.

The person with the top score when the three-day timer runs out wins the prize. There can only be one.

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