Pay-per-view: Premier League extends model to matches on 6-8 November

A TV camera at Tottenham

The Premier League has extended its pay-per-view model to matches on 6-8 November but will review the service after the international break.

Matches outside the scheduled TV games are available on BT Sport Box Office or Sky Sports Box Office.

The scheme has been criticised by a number of supporters and pundits, with fans donating to food banks instead of paying the £14.95 fee.

Games had been previously been free-to-air when the Premier League returned.

“In consultation with clubs, all elements of the pay-per-view service, including the price, will be reviewed ahead of Premier League matches returning after the international break later next month,” a Premier League statement read.

With fans unable to attend games, matches were shown on free-to-air TV from June, but that changed in early October.

Clubs voted 19-1 in favour of the pay-per-view model, describing it as an “interim solution”.

Ex-England right-back Gary Neville told Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football that the scheme needed scrapping, adding: “It’s finished, no-one is paying for it, no-one is watching it, it’s done.”

On 9 November, the government will debate a petition about the return of fans which received more than 198,000 signatures.

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