Pack your drone for adventure in this Lowepro backpack that’s 83% off




If you’ve ever taken your drone on a trip to do some aerial photography, you know that simply tossing it onto the back seat doesn’t work — it’s too risky for your expensive and fragile flight hardware. Rugged drone backpacks don’t come cheap, though. Lowepro’s BP 400, designed for the DJI Phantom, lists for $150 at Lowepro and is regularly $105 at Adorama. But right now, Adorama is offering the Lowepro Droneguard BP 400 backpack for a mere $18. That’s 83% off the $105 price, and includes 18 Adorama reward points.

This pack fits any drone in the Phantom family along with a transmitter, five extra batteries and other accessories. You can also slide a 15-inch laptop and 10-inch tablet in as well. The interior is filled with storage slots and mesh designed specifically to securely hold drone hardware. Don’t have a Phantom? There’s a pretty good chance this bag will fit your full-size drone, especially if it’s at least somewhat similar to the Phantom. 

The bag weighs under 4 pounds empty, measures 12.2 by 9 by 19.3 inches, and rides on your back like pretty much any other large backpack. It’s a secure and rugged way to get your drone out into the great outdoors, and is roughly a million times better than carting your drone around in a hard case or foam box, like the one your drone might have arrived in when you bought it. And while you might not be taking any weekend trips at the moment, sheltering at home won’t last forever — so it might not be a bad idea to save 83% on a great drone backpack right now. 

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