North Korea fires two unidentified projectiles, says South | World News

North Korea has fired two unidentified projectiles, South Korea has said.

They were triggered from a coastal area near Wonsan into the sea on Monday, Seoul’s military claimed.

A statement by Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff confirming the launches and said the projectiles flew 150 miles and reached 22 miles in altitude.

It is unclear whether the weapons were ballistic or rocket artillery.

The move marks the resumption of weapons demonstrations from Pyongyang following a months-long hiatus.

And it comes two days after North Korea’s state media said leader Kim Jong Un supervised an artillery drill aimed at testing the combat readiness of units in front-line and eastern areas.

Nuclear diplomacy between North Korea and the US has largely stalled since the breakdown of a second summit between the North Korean leader and President Donald Trump in February 2019 in Vietnam.

After the failed Hanoi summit, North Korea carried out several short-range missile and other weapons tests.

Mr Trump downplayed them saying they did not pose a direct threat to the US mainland.

The two countries have been in a face-off for months over the next steps in their negotiations, with North Korea refusing to disarm in return for a reprieve on its sanctions – dashing hopes of denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula.

In January, Kim accused the US of dragging its feet in nuclear negotiations and said his country will continue developing nuclear programmes and introduce a “new strategic weapon” in the near future.

During a rare meeting of his ruling party, he also said that his country would not put its security at risk in exchange for economic benefits, and that it would never denuclearise unless the US ends what he called its “hostile policy”.

Pyongyang has also been increasingly frustrated by the nearby joint military drills held by the US and South Korea – which have recently been suspended due to the global coronavirus outbreak.

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