Nobel Prize: Scotland-born scientist joint winner of award in chemistry | UK News

A Scotland-born scientist has been jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry with a German scientist for their work on developing a new way for building molecules.

David WC MacMillan of Princeton University and Benjamin List of the Max Planck Institute were announced as the winners by Goran Hansson, secretary-general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

The Nobel panel said the scientists in 2000 had independently developed a new way of catalysis called “asymmetric organocatalysis”.

“It’s already benefiting humankind greatly,” Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, a member of the Nobel panel, said.

Speaking after the announcement, Professor List said the award was a “huge surprise”.

“I absolutely didn’t expect this,” he said, adding that he was on holiday in Amsterdam with his family when the call from Sweden came.

Prof List said he did not initially know that Professor MacMillan was working on the same subject and figured his hunch might just be a “stupid idea”…

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