My favorite makeup and facial cleanser at Winky Lux is $17 right now


Winky Lux

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There’s only one day left in Winky Lux’s sale where you can save up to 40% on everything. So far, I’ve tried a number of skin care brands, and this one is by far my favorite. Besides the low prices, making it affordable for a variety of people, everything is aesthetically beautiful and smells fantastic, from the packaging to the items itself. Though I have to point out my absolute favorite product from this entire company, and that’s the Petal cleanser. Right now, you can get this cleanser for $17, and if you want something a bit smaller, the mini version of this cleanser is $8.

It really is the best cleanser I’ve ever used (seriously, I’ve tried everything). I like to experiment with makeup to see how it looks and how well it works on my complexion. And every now and then, I’ll have to wash my face more than once, causing my skin to get really dry. So I always reach for this cleanser to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Not only does it gently clean your face, it also effectively removes makeup. With this one, I was able to remove my makeup without leaving any residue on my towel within a few minutes. If you’ve ever had to clean your face multiple times or go through several steps to remove it, give this cleanser a try. 

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