Llandaff Cathedral bell ringer breaks arm

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Church in Wales

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The bell ringer had been carrying out maintenance work in the belfry at Llandaff Cathedral

An experienced bell ringer has suffered a broken arm after an accident in the bell tower of Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.

The ringer was found 30m (100ft) above the ground after being hauled aloft by the rope while carrying out maintenance work with another person on the bells.

Emergency services were called to the incident shortly before 15:00 BST.

Llandaff Cathedral authorities said a “full investigation” would be carried out.

Church in Wales said it was a “very rare incident which could have been a lot worse”.

Due to the steep and narrow staircase up to the belfry, firefighters went around to the rear of the cathedral by the Lady Chapel and gained entry through the roof.

The bell ringer was then stretchered the length of the nave on the roof and was treated for his injuries.

He was said to be in “good spirits” after the incident.

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