La Palma volcano: Weeping for those who’ve lost everything | World News

Le Palma’s donation centre is a place for evacuated residents to find clothes and food, and also a place for them to console each other. 

I met Rosy outside, she was picking up a box of tins and fruit for her family. Her town was one of the first to be evacuated on the island.

She starts crying as soon as she starts talking about the damage from the eruption. Her sister comforts her but there is nothing she can say to change what’s happened. Their cousin lost everything, his house was swallowed by lava.

Rosy found out over the weekend that the molten streams missed her house but she keeps crying thinking about others who haven’t been so fortunate.

“It’s like a huge loneliness, a sadness – we don’t know where we are, it’s really really hard. But we’ve got strength and we are all supporting each other through the uncertainty,” she says.

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