Krispy Kreme offers free doughnuts for graduates in the class of 2020



Free doughnuts? Fling that mortarboard!

Krispy Kreme; screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

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With school out for the rest of the year and commencement ceremonies nixed, graduating seniors and their schools have had to get creative about celebrating the culmination of high school careers — from robot stand-ins to star-studded virtual ceremonies to launching memories into space

To make up, at least in part, for the lack of traditional festivities, doughnut titan Krispy Kreme is offering the Graduate Dozen promotion for 2020 high school and college seniors. It involves a box of a dozen specially decorated and arranged doughnuts — three rows of four doughnuts apiece, with each row spelling out “2020.” Doughnuts with holes stand in for the zeroes, and no-hole doughnuts carry a numeral 2 written with icing. It’s a festive affair.

On Tuesday, May 19, seniors can stop by their local Krispy Kreme drive-through and pick up a free dozen. Yes, we said free. You just wear your cap and gown or present some Class of 2020 swag to prove your status, the company says in a post. At this point, though, you may have to settle for a more-generic batch, because Krispy Kreme says it’s been having trouble keeping up with the demand for the specially decorated treats.

Never fear, though, you can go grab your unfancy dozen and then beg mom and dad to pony up for the schmancy ones. (Hey, you earned ’em, right?) The specially decorated doughnuts will be available for purchase through Sunday, says the company, via drive-through, pickup and delivery, for as long as they last each day. The Krispy Kreme Graduate Dozen box can be ordered online for $19, and Krispy Kreme’s partnership with DoorDash offers no-contact delivery. 

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