‘It seems unthinkable that we may be facing a nuclear apocalypse’ | World News

There’s now a tangible fear among citizens in Ukraine that Russia may target the country with a nuclear strike, according to Kyiv resident and Ukraine War Diaries contributor Oksana Koshel.

This week, the Kremlin annexed four regions in Ukraine, following referendums denounced by the West as a sham.

The move has seen President Vladimir Putin declare sovereignty over the regions and follows a recent declaration to protect Russian territories by all means at his disposal.

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But against the broader backdrop of significant Russian military setbacks, there’s now a tangible fear in Ukraine that the war is about to enter a deadly new phase with the Kremlin’s existing battlefield strategy continuing to flounder.

Kyiv resident, Oksana Koshel, has been recording an audio diary detailing life in a war zone since the Russian invasion

“Over these…

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