IT experts, engineers and even a nuclear physicist – Russia is haemorrhaging its best as thousands flee | World News

They come on foot, bicycles, cars and even electric scooters.

They bring what they can which isn’t much, dragging their suitcases behind them. Some have dogs and others cat boxes. They are exhausted after a journey that has taken days, but all seem hugely relieved to have left Putin’s Russia.

One couple laughed with relief. “Very tired, but happy,” said Katy. The relief seemed almost to overwhelm her.

We are on Georgia’s border crossing with Russia. It straddles a pass high in the Caucasus. A steady stream of Russians are coming through. They tell stories of chaos on the other side.

Putin may have scored ‘strategic own goal’ – latest updates

Vitaly and Maria have four children. They left home four days ago. The last two they had spent walking and queuing with thousands of others crammed into the narrow gorge on the Russian side. They also had to bribe guards to have any chance of getting through.

Those waiting to cross face an anxious ordeal. The temperature at this…

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