Israel returns dozens of Palestinians’ bodies to Gaza

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Abu Bilal, an eyewitness at the scene helping with the incoming corpses, said the bodies were first taken to Yousef Al Najer Hospital in Rafah and then brought to the mass grave site.

“This is the second mass grave in Rafah. Among those martyrs are children, women, old people and young people,” he told NBC News, adding that some could not be identifiable because of the condition they were in.

Palestinian officials did not immediately say how many bodies were in the bags. Abu Bilal estimated there were around 80.

Umm Nafis Al-Galben, visibly distressed, said she was angry and exhausted over the continued violence, death and destruction in the enclave.

“Where are the people of the world?” she said. “I saw those bodies and went crazy, I lost my mind.”

Children cried behind the bereaved woman as she wailed and listed the names of her dead family members, which included her grandson and granddaughter.

Meanwhile, Abu Sarhan vowed to continue the search for his son.

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