Isle of Skye quake caused ‘house beams to creak’

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Kylerhea on Skye and Glenelg on the Highlands mainland were among the places where Friday’s earthquake was felt

People have reported windows rattling and house beams creaking during a small earthquake on the Isle of Skye.

British Geological Survey (BGS), which detects quakes world-wide, recorded a 2.6 magnitude quake on Friday at about 17:40.

It has upgraded the intensity of the event from two to three after receiving more than 30 reports from people who felt it.

The quake was felt on Skye and on the Highlands mainland coast.

BGS uses an intensity scale that goes from one – not felt and detected by instruments only – to 12, which signifies a “completely devastating” earthquake.

Two describes a “very weak, felt by very few people” event and three a quake that is “weak, felt by a few people indoors”.

Earthquakes occur widely across the Highlands and over the years people have reported feeling quakes near Fort William and Glen Coe.

BGS has received reports from people living within 12 miles (20km) of the location of the earthquake on Skye.

Residents in Isleornsay, Teanque, Kyleakin, Kylerhea, Breakish and Camuscross on the island Skye sent in reports.

People in Glenelg, Scallasaig, Ratagan, Bernera and Saraig also said they felt the quake.

Some described walls and floors of their homes shaking, hearing a sound “like a door banging”, while others reported hearing a sound like an explosion and also “thunder followed by a rumbling”.

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