India and Pakistan exchange lists of prisoners and nuclear assets under decades-old agreement | World News

India and Pakistan have exchanged lists of each other’s citizens they are holding in prison, and details of each country’s nuclear assets, under an agreement that has been in place for three decades.

Pakistan and India have had strained relations since their independence from colonial British rule in 1947 over the Himalayan region of Kashmir.

Pakistan shared with India’s top diplomat in Islamabad on Saturday a list of 628 Indian prisoners being held in Pakistan, including 577 fishermen accused of illegal fishing in Pakistani territorial waters, and 51 others.

The practice is consistent with a 2008 agreement between the two sides on consular access to inmates.

The deal requires them to exchange lists of prisoners in each other’s custody each January and July.

India simultaneously handed over lists of the 282 Pakistani prisoners and 73 fishermen it is holding.

Details on the civilian prisoners India has in its custody were not available.

Last January, India…

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