How to save time with advanced Gmail templates

Hey, thanks for your email. Let’s find a time to meet.

Great to hear from you. We’d love to chat. Please follow up with Pat (cc’d here) to set up an interview.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This isn’t something we can pursue right now, but I appreciate the interest. (Also, I’d appreciate a sandwich.)

Do any of these responses ring a bell? The specifics may vary (especially, uh, on that last one), but we’ve all got our standard stock statements we send out time and time again via email — and if you were to add up all the time spent typing those sentences out, well, you could probably add an extra week of vacation onto your work year.

You may not be able to eliminate the need for email formalities entirely, but you can save yourself the trouble of typing out the same stuff endlessly by tapping into Gmail’s time-saving template possibilities. From the service’s relatively simple built-in system to some exceptional third-party supplements, you’ve got plenty of options for cutting down on wasted typing and making email management more efficient.

All you’ve gotta do is decide which setup is right for you and then take a few minutes to set it up once — and from then on out, answering basic emails will require no more than a couple quick clicks or a single hotkey sequence and, if you’re so inspired, a quick bit of customization to tailor your template as needed.

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