How to connect a Yammer community to a communication site

One of the best ways to get engagement on your intranet sites is to bring in a relevant Yammer community to SharePoint using Yammer Conversations. Instead of creating a destination to ask a question, this allows you to bring Yammer directly into your intranet and engage your users where they are.

But what about when you are in Yammer? The SharePoint site associated with a Yammer community is a team site that is independent from the communication sites on your intranet. You can bring Yammer into the intranet, but can you bring the intranet into Yammer?

Yes, if you follow these steps.

Bring Yammer conversations into intranet sites

I often find myself adding Yammer communities to intranet sites to create a conversation space. For example, if I have an Executive Corner intranet site (see figure 1), I like to bring in the Leadership Connection Yammer community by adding the Yammer Conversations web part to the page. On a Finance site, I might bring in an Ask Finance Yammer Community. And on a Microsoft 365 help site, I will always bring in the Microsoft 365 Champions community!

Bringing in a Yammer Community is also a great way to connect communities created for employee resource groups (ERGs) to a communication site associated with that group. The communication site for the ERG helps increase visibility and provides a way to tell a great story about the group, offering additional context for the conversation space in Yammer.

intranet figure 1 executive corner Microsoft

Executive Corner intranet site.

However, when I am in Yammer, the connected site for the Yammer community is the Microsoft 365 group’s team site that hosts the files and images added to Yammer posts. If you click the “See all” link from the Conversations web part on the Executive Corner site in Figure 1, you go to the community in Yammer. From there, if you click the About tab, you will learn more about the community and see a link to two SharePoint resources: a SharePoint library and a SharePoint site. (See figure 2)

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